Hey, my name is Boyd Bloemsma.

About me

I'm a software developer and tinkerer.
I love making things and having lots of side projects going.

Hit me up on Twitter or GitHub .

Recent articles

Deploying Laravel Reverb in production 51 views

Deploying Laravel Reverb in production


Once I had completed a proof of concept and was ready to deploy it, however, the trouble started for me.

Laravel OG images 22 views

Laravel OG images


Because we don't want to have to manually create an image for every article, we can use The OG package which will do all the hard work for us.

Git submodules for dummies 57 views

Git submodules for dummies


A great option to share code between multiple projects is by using git submodules, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Things I'm working on


Because I wanted to try a project using realtime strategies I decided to make a chatroom application. Rooms and messages are purged every 24h to make it ephemeral. Check it out below.
I'm working on a URL shortener with builtin QR code support, printed or otherwise permanent QR codes can be updated to link anywhere.